We’re in the process of converting this survey to an online form. In the interim, please feel free to send your thoughts to You may also print, complete, and fax the survey to 404-420-2175.

  1. Have you used the Grant Park Pool?
    What do you like or dislike?

    Any concerns or suggestions?

  2. What pool do you currently use?

  3. What hours do you use the pool? Circle all that apply:

    8am-10am&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp10am-12noon&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp12 noon-2pm

    2pm-4pm&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp4pm-6pm&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp6pm and later

  5. Are there times of the day that you would like to use the pool but find it unavailable? If so, what time?

  7. How many adults and how many children in each age range are in your household?


    • Age 0-3:
    • Age 4-6:
    • Age 7-12:
    • Age 13-17:

  8. What services would you like to see at the Grant Park Pool?
    • Swim lessons
    • Swim team
    • Concessions
    • Special Events
  9. Would you like to volunteer to make these happen?

  10. Do you have any additional ideas or concerns?